Eric Festival review:Music Industry 

Eric fest was quite the informative shindig.

Basic discussions with relevant and prominent figures in the music industry, highlighing what’s needed for such a demanding, competitive and exhilarating industry.

The music industry is always evolving, so it’s hard to keep a finger on the pulse with it’s rapid changes in style, structure and the way our age is consuming music.

As someone that inspires to be in that industry, it’s hard to specify in what capacity. There’s traditional roles in radio, publishing, media and corporate record labels which are highly sought after, but there are now emerging roles within digital and brand work to help encompass the demand of the digital age. 

There is now so many  avenues that can be taken, but at the same time so much competiton. How do you stand out? What skill sets do you need? I’m I capable?  Some may say it’s a matter of who you know. That’s not necessarily  true, as music editor Ryan Newman from BBC radio 1extra will testify. Sheer enthusiam, passion and willingness is sometimes all the components u need.  However the advise to network is always necessary, as that can be the  first step taken to knocking on the right doors.

Overall it was a great event, with motivational and inspiring moments to help steer one in the right direction. 

Make sure to check Eric festival out on their website, should creative industries be off any interest to you. 

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