Youtuber of the Month and Year… 

Youtuber of the Month and Year… 

Goes to Jackie Aina!!

Having started her Youtube channel in 2009, this last week (and the last week of the year 2016) we saw her reach the impressive milestone of 1million subscribers. Within 7 years she has successfully amassed a huge  following, and done so without compromise of her content and boldly staying true to her convictions. Safe to say she’s not just another YouTube beauty guru. 

As an African American content producer on the Tube, she does not shy away from discussing the varied issues that plague minority groups, especially the issue of succeeding in industries they appear to be marginalised in. 
In her most recent video, she makes it a point to note, despite her achievement,there is an erray of Youtubers like herself with her skin tone, that seem to hit a ‘glass ceiling’ in terms of exposure and popularity, however they produce content just as good if not better. But in comparison, there is a vast amount of light skin or Caucasian tubers,who’s subscribers are sometimes double or triple the amount of what Aina has achieved, and all within a smaller time frame.  But yet the content does not differ in terms of quality. 

In essence, Jackie is not trying to spark a debate on who and what type of people produce better content, however to help encourage the discussion, and movement of making the YouTube  platform a fairer playing field.2016 was a year where racial tensions couldn’t be ignored, with UK Brexit and Trump being elected for presidency in the US, exposing people’s prejudice and ignorant believes, despite Jackies’main focus on beauty, she displays her awareness of the times, and tries to encourage people to progress. You can not help to admire her.

I also have to mention that she’s insanely articulate, which I think is a brilliant attribute. When viewing her videos and going through her tutorials, her instructions are so descriptive, which helps any makeup novice or beginner to follow.Not to mention her quirky and flamboyant personality serves to ensure you’re engaged with her at all times.

Jackie Aina is a definite force on the tube that deserves all the success that she has achieved this year. To name but a few of her defining moments, her collaboration with E.l.F cosmetics and Artistecouture, we saw her expand her brand, and showcase her ability to produce product, that her makeup viewers and enthusiasts can indulge in. This is an indication that a cosmetic line of some sort is an inevitable pursuit, which she will be sure to succeed in.  

Her talent, passion and consistency can not be ignored. Overall ‘Miss Jacki O’ won the YouTube game in 2016, and I look forward to watching how she will continue to inspire us in the year 2017. 

Now I will leave a video of her concluding the trends in 2016 which got to goooo. 

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