So Chris brown released his latest single ‘Party’ Last week. 

Now I have a small beef with this man… When is he gonna elevate himself musically?  I say this, even though I enjoy the song and think the record is catchy and could do moderately well. However Brown has been given us the same formula for quite some time. 

A catchy song and a dance heavy video, with a couple of variations here and there. Thats his signature, I guess he does it well; but as he is someone who keeps on barking about being the best this and that, he really needs to translate that to his work. Ofcourse, without question he’s immensely talented, but all that talent from my point of view is going to waste on pointless mixtapes with his ‘OHB boybanders’. 

I find it quite sad, someone who worked hard to somewhat recover  from the scandel in 2009, to be reduced  to making subpar music for the sake of the people he hangs around with. He needs a wakeup call, a marketing strategy and some fresh material that has a bit more emotional depth. 

Now some may argue, that he has offerred some meaningful songs, like Grass Ain’t Greener . And if we rewind 2 years ago in 2014, his 6th studio album ‘X’, seemed to try and showcase a bit more intimacy in the non physical department. However, fastforward a year later, he prematurely released his 7th album ‘Royalty’, and although baring reference to the name of his daughter by the title, you would think the album would show depth, growth, truth and maturity; musically and thematically. However it was quite the opposite.  I felt the album was void of all those things, and instead took a leap backwards, after the strides that Brown had tried to make in the predecessor. 

Now Brown is seemingly on the move to release a new album for 2017, I have to be honest and say my expectations are quite low. Although a stead fast fan and will remain so, as I truly beleive in his talent,  I feel its important for these kind of critiques. I just want to see the man progress and become the things he wants to be, and that is the best. 

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